Management Philosophies

Council sets Policy-Management Implements Policy

We believe that the Strata Council is an elected body representing the owners and as such deals with issues pertaining to the Strata Corporation in the same way as a Municipal Council deals with matters affecting a municipality. Management are the Municipal Managers and our role is to:

  • Implement Council Policy
  • Assist the Strata Council in fulfilling its responsibility to the ownership.
Trust between Council and Management is critical

It is important that both Council and management treat each other with respect and a high degree of trust. Both parties must deal with all problems in a fair and objective manner so as to ensure that the owners are well-represented.

Being Well-informed is the key to making sound decisions

It is important to have a well-informed Council. This is why we place so much emphasis on the agenda provided to each Council member in advance of the Council meeting. The Council member has an opportunity to review the agenda prior to the meeting so that he/she is completely knowledgeable of the matters affecting the Corporation and can make sound decisions based on the information provided.

All issues are thoroughly researched and solutions rather than problems are brought before Council. We attempt to not dwell on complaints and problems, but rather to provide Council with the means of solving any issues which come before the Corporation. We believe it is management's role to achieve a solution of consensus which will be accepted by the community rather than create controversy within the community which places Council against the owners or management against the Council.

Communication is key

Communication is important not only to the Strata Council but also to the owners. Great emphasis is placed on the detail and information provided in the minutes and other communication with owners. Every letter received from an owner is answered so that owners do not feel that their concerns are ignored.