Strata Management (Residential/Commercial/Mixed)
  • Collection of strata fees, special levies, and other payments to Strata Corporation trust accounts.
  • Initiate collection correspondence - Reminder and Demand Notices.
  • Recommendations to Council on additional collection procedures.
  • Payment of Strata Corporation invoices.
  • Monthly financial statements and reports.
  • Routine site inspections.
  • Hire, supervise, pay Strata Corporation employees.
  • Retain contractors when/as required to perform specific tasks.
  • Assist the Strata Council with development of operating budgets and capital project planning.
  • 24 hour per day/7 days per week emergency services.
  • Provide option to Strata Corporation to post minutes/bylaws/notices on website with log-in/password.
  • Assistance to Strata Corporation in placing insurance policies.
  • Assistance to Strata Corporations in handling insurance claims.
  • Respond to correspondence.
  • Attend Strata Council meetings and General meetings.
  • Prepare minutes of meetings and distribute same.
  • Assist Council/Owners in dealing with common property related issues.
  • Assist Council in responding to/dealing with bylaw related issues.
  • Prepare notices to owners when and as required.
  • Maintain records of Strata Corporation.
  • Prepare information packages for new owners/tenants.