Corporate Information


In business since 1972 (Locally owned)


The owner of the company has been actively involved in the condominium management industry in the Lower Mainland for more than 30 years. The owner remains directly involved, in the capacities of Senior Strata Manager and Administrative Manager. In this way we are able to ensure that all clients receive the professional and knowledgeable expertise which should be available from the management company.

No conflicts of interest

Strataco Management Ltd. is not involved in the sale of real estate; we do not look after individual properties for investor owners within Strata Corporations which we manage; we do not own nor do we have any interest in any of the firms which we retain on behalf of our clients (such as building maintenance companies, landscaping companies, roofing companies, etc.) We are not affiliated with any development companies or insurance companies.

Our recommendations to our clients are never made for a self-serving reason. We base these recommendations on what we believe in our professional opinion to be the most beneficial course of action.


We are not part of a large corporate entity with rigid methods of operation which cannot be changed to suit the needs of the clients, nor are we a subsidiary of a real estate company. This allows us flexibility and assures that we remain responsive to the goals and expectations of our clients.

Proven Management System

Our management system has been the backbone of our company for over 30 years. It has been developed and refined based upon years of experience in a variety of Strata Corporations.