Jan StadeMember-at-largeStrata Plan LMS 1754

May 2024

Strataco has been our management company for over 16 years and I have been a Council member for most of them. Chad Daem has been our building manager for the majority of this time.

In my opinion, he has been a real asset to the operation of this strata.

Richard WongPresidentStrata Plan BCS 4116

February 2024

This is a commendation for Kathy Blake and Strataco as our property management company.

Since our change from our previous property management company, Strataco has assisted in resolving outstanding concerns with the financial, operational and bylaw administration. For example issues with electricity allocation has finally come to a reasonable solution. Issues with gate security during commercial operational hours has also been resolved, thereby keeping the building and residents from harm’s way.

Kathy, the property manager provided insights to alternative solutions and direction for Council which assisted in resolving issues and preventing concerns from becoming major concerns. For example, having a company do the project management of the upcoming painting of the building.

As Council President and strata owner, I found the Strataco website for BCS4116 an invaluable source of information. Strata owners no longer need to contact Council members for information that is easily accessible on the website.

It puts the onus and responsibility on the strata unit owner to keep informed, and not on the property manager or Council. I have referred numerous owners to use the site and once they have, they have not contacted Council.

Richard Wong, President
Strata Plan BCS 4116
Mrs. Kimberly RiceSenior Council MemberStrata LMS-3694

November 2018

Dear Mr. Grandy

As the previous president and senior council member of Strata LMS-3694 for over 10 years, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and respect to you and for Strataco Management Ltd.

You and your organization have assisted our 23 story condominium with its safety, financial security and exceptional maintenance of the 142 unit family tower. It is without a doubt, that with your wisdom and guidance, you have saved the owners of from millions of repair costs, brought our budget to healthy financial levels and secured a capital maintenance plan that will keep our building in healthy repair for years to come.

In dealing with you, you have always been respectful, truthful and putting the owners first. This is truly apparent in your work ethic, your sincere and frank advice and your excellent knowledge of the industry. All of these qualities have served us well and I am truly appreciative.

As the needs of our home have changed, so has your management style. You have tailored your system of management to our ever evolving and aging building. This flexible and personalized service is unique and one of the reasons we hired you and your company.

With genuine thankfulness, please accept this letter as an acknowledgement and recognition for your many years of genuine service and dedication to my home.

Thank you sir.
Best regards,
Mrs. Kimberly Rice
Senior Council Member
Strata LMS-3694
Natalie BattistaPresidentStrata Plan NW524

July 2017

I am currently the President of Strata Plan NW524, known as Times Square. I have lived here since 1981. It is a three tower complex located between Mayberry and Maywood Streets on Patterson Avenue.The three towers are 20, 18, and 16 floors in height. The total number of strata lots is 225, two of which are owned by the strata. One strata lot houses our live-in caretaker, and the other is a rental. The complex is made up of one bedroom, two bedrooms, and one bedroom and den strata lots.

The complex was originally rental apartments. In the early 80s the complex was sold to Daon Development Corporation. They proceeded to turn the complex into strata lots, which went on the market in 1981. They managed the complex, directly or indirectly, from 1981 to 1984. When they ceased to manage the complex, we hired a management company and retained them for only two years. I was on the council for one of the two years.

In 1987 we hired Strataco Management Ltd., and they have been retained by us for 31 years. During that time I have been on council intermittently for 21 years. As a result, I have first hand knowledge of their competence and capabilities.

Since they have been our management company we have undertaken large projects. We removed all our landscaping and had a membrane placed on the exposed concrete to waterproof it. We had the mechanics and interiors of our six elevators updated. We also have had our plumbing system redone. Strataco was deeply involved in offering suggestions and advice, and overseeing the projects. We always felt that they guarded our best interests and we felt secure in knowing that they would pay immediate attention to any problems that might occur. They always kept us abreast of what was taking place.

Needless-to-say, we also had minor projects: the painting of the buildings several times, interior decorating, boiler room problems, as well as roofing. Occasionally there are problems regarding residents, and if legal questions are required we know that we will be informed on the correct procedures to follow.

Currently we are involved in the process of undertaking total window replacement.

I would strongly recommend Strataco Management Ltd., because they are reliable, conscience, trustworthy, knowledgeable and empathetic. They do not, and will not, do anything that may be contrary to the Strata Property Act. If you are looking for a competent management company look no further.

Respectfully submitted,
Natalie Battista

Tara SutherlandPresident

July 2017

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to recommend the services of Strataco Management Ltd. Strataco Management has been representing and providing service to our strata corporation for more than 30 years. Due to the longstanding relationship with Strataco and having participated on the strata council for the past 12 years, I feel that I am qualified, and that it is appropriate for me, to recommend Strataco Management. Throughout the years Strataco Management has shown commitment to our corporation as they have thoughtfully guided our ownership and council, have provided direction in problem solving, and have maintained exemplary communication.

Our strata corporation includes 75 units, with 5 rental units. As part of the general running and maintaining of a strata corporation, Strataco has provided helpful advice and recommendations to the ownership and strata council. There are many issues that arise and need to be addressed, such as maintaining grounds, building maintenance, refuse removal, ownership issues, financial decisions and so much more. Strataco Management personnel have been professional, thorough, and forward thinking in advising our council which has resulted in a strong council membership, solid financials, and well maintained buildings and property. Through conversation and discussion, options are presented with both pros and cons, which enables us to make the best decision for the corporation as a whole.

At times, we have required assistance from Strataco Management in the area of problem solving. On these occasions, Strataco personnel ensured that we, as a council, understood all sides of the issue. They demonstrated patience with our questions and allowed us time to consider the various options presented to us. Strataco maintained support for the council when a final decision was made and they were timely in implementing all aspects of the decision. Strataco personnel are knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas and have helped us successfully navigate legal issues, human resources issues, and financial issues to name a few.

Communication between any strata company and the ownership is paramount and key to a smooth working relationship. Strataco Management has continuously demonstrated that they are committed to working collaboratively and practicing open communication. Personnel are responsive to communication from both council and ownership. They are prompt in replying and returning phone calls, with there always being the option of a face-to-face meeting. The communication from the company is not only timely, but it is also useful, relevant, and practical. We feel up to date and knowledgeable in regards to what is happening, when, and why. This is to the credit of Strataco Management for efficiently and competently communicating with the council and ownership.

I highly recommend services of Strataco Management Ltd. and will remain a satisfied client for many more years to come.

Tara Sutherland
Strata President

Keith ParsonVice-President#10 - The Courcelles LMS 2858

April 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Strataco Management Ltd. for the excellent job it has done managing LMS 2858, "The Courcelles", on Booth Avenue in Coquitlam - Maillardville.

I have lived at The Courcelles for nineteen years, having bought my unit even before it was built. I have just recently sold, and will be moving to Victoria in two weeks.

During my years at The Courcelles, I have been very satisfied with the management services provided by Strataco. In particular, I wish to thank Dan Speianu for all his years of excellent work in his capacity as property manager, and as a member of the strata council.

Dan managed The Courcelles since the very beginning until his recent work reassignment last month. Nineteen years!!! That's a long time!!!! I was grateful for his knowledge and organizational skills in getting the job of strata done, and in keeping our buildings in good order. I have been a member of the strata council for the past several years, and I am currently vice-president. I have had first hand experience of the great job that Dan does, often complimenting him after meetings and AGMs on how smoothly things went. It was due to the fact that he was always so well prepared!

In addition to his fine organizational skills, his professional and friendly manner made him an easy person to talk to. He always got back to people who had questions and concerns. This added to the overall confidence I felt having Dan as our property manager. And I can say that other owners in The Courcelles felt the same way.

I was sorry to see him go. I made a special trip down to your offices last month to shake his hand, and wish him well in his new assignment.

I'm still vice-president of the strata council until May 24th. Vivian Cornescu is our new strata manager, and my experience with her so far tells me that Vivian will carry on the excellent work of the past.

Very best regards,
Sincerely yours,
Keith Parson

Darren BergCouncil ChairmanRiver Springs, NW939

January 2017

I am the current council chairman for a 467 home bare land strata complex in Coquitlam BC. (River Springs) I have been the chairman off and on for the past 15 years and part of the council for 20 years. River Springs has enjoyed the professional service provided by Strataco management for the past 25 plus years. I have had the privilege of working closely with Allan Grandy of Strataco over these past 20 years and find him to be extremely knowledgeable and professional as a property manager . Strataco is quick to respond to issues within our community and their service is 2nd to none.

The value of having a professional property management firm such as Strataco management looking out for our interests and our communities interests only goes to add to the value of our community and value of our homes.

Thank you.
Darren Berg, Council Chairman, River Springs, NW939.